Upcoming Events

Thu, Feb 26 - Sun, Mar 1
All-State Band & Orchestra
Athens, GA
Tuesday, March 3
Literary Competition @ DFA
BAND Brass Sectional
3:20 PM - 4:20 PM
National Honor Society
3:20 PM
Band Pre-Evaluation Concert
7:00 PM

Daily Announcements

Rising Senior Show

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Directed by Elizabeth Walpert
by Laurie Brooks

This production will be held at
Broadway Baptist Church
2323 Barton Chapel Road
February 27
6-8 p.m.

$5  donation for Adults
$2 donation for Students
Concessions will be sold (hotdogs, chips, etc.)

Funds raised will help with expenses as our school represents the Georgia Theater Conference at
the Southeastern Theater Conference in Tn. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew of
The Grunch

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photography by Marian Yu

Lindsay Wallace
Takes the Bronze
GHSA State Swim Meet

Lindsay Wallace qualified in all eight individual events for the Georgia High School State Swim Meet.  Rules allow her to only swim in two events.  Lindsay placed 3rd in the 100 freestyle earning a Bronze Medal.  She is the first DFA swimmer in history to get on the podium and we think she is the first Richmond County swimmer too.  Lindsay also swam the 100 backstroke and placed 6th.

Kennedy Smith also qualified for state in the 100 breast stroke.

Davidson holds induction for National Honor Society for Dance Art

Richmond County Mathematics Competition
Junior Varsity Team was awarded First Place.
(Jiseok Choi, Sam Dong, Hannah Huang, and Shishir Sharma.)

Jr. Varsity Individual Competition:
Shishir Sharma placed fourth .
Hannah Huang placed third.
Sam Dong placed second.
Jiseok Choi placed first.
Varsity Team was awarded First Place
 (Russell Noah, Tho Van, Tiffany Huang, and Ksenia Khasashina)

Varsity Individual Competition:
Ksenia Khasashina placed fourth.
Tiffany Huang placed third.
Tho Van placed second.
Jr.Varsity and Varsity Combined Team
 was awarded First Place.
Middle School Problem Solving Team was awarded First Place.
(Jadon Billups, Faith Henderson, Will Cawthon, Reid Fly)

Middle School Challenge 24
 (Joseph Kim, Zaniyah Billups, Hayden Sullivan, Stanny Zaw)

6th Grade Individual Competition:
Zaniyah Billups placed third.
 Jardon Billups and Joseph Kim tied for First.

8th Grade Individual Competition:
Will Cawthon placed Third
Reid Fly placed First

24 Challenge Individual Competition
Stany Zaw placed Eighth.

Overall Middle School Mathematics Team placed Fourth.

Young Masters Exhibit

Madison Moses - Sculpture and Colored Pencil
Vaughn Hilsheimer - Watercolor and Pen
Tiffany Huang - Oil Portrait
India Savage- Acrylic Painting
Michaela Rowland - Photography
Alex Bustos- Graphic Illustration

They were chosen among the CSRA's most distinguished young artists by the Morris Museum. Their work will be at the museum through this week. Please join us after school on Thursday the 22nd as we go and view their work on exhibition on the first floor of the Morris.


 Also, take a moment to read a description about jobs that use 3D.
Learn about 3D art careers !

New Technology ???
Remember, if you got new technology for the Winter Holidays, bring in a new completed BYOT form. They are in the attached BYOT packet.  You only need to print and return the last two pages.

Attention Davidson Parent:

Please take a moment to complete the following survey:

Georgia Parent Survey

This will only take a few minutes to complete. This link was also sent out to your address on file with eChalk.  We only need you to do the survey one time. 

Thank you for assisting us.

Davidson celebrates an increase our

 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI)

                                2013                       2014

Middle School         97.6                        102.1

High School         93.4                        99

CCRPI is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform for all educational stakeholders that will promote college and career readiness for all Georgia public school students.

GMEA All-State Piano Competition
Held Saturday, December the sixth of 2014 @ Clayton State University.
Jiseok Choi, Tristian Nguyen-Tu, and Tho Van placed first for the 6-hand piece and will perform at the GMEA Conference held on January the thirty-first.

The following were selected as Alternates:
Jiseok Choi and Tho Van for their four hand piece.  Emma Liu, Tho Van, and Tristin Nguyen-Tu for their solo pieces.
Jiseok Choi received an honorable mention for his solo piece.

DAVIDSON FINE ARTS MAGNET SCHOOL, Drama teacher/ Directors,   Heather Davidson and Betty Walpert, have  achieved 2nd place nationally in the musical theater division of The American Prize competition, 2014, for their production of "The Music Man". This  production was selected from applications reviewed this summer from all across the United States. The American Prize is a series of new, non-profit, competitions unique in scope and structure, designed to recognize and reward the best performing artists, ensembles and composers in the United States based on submitted recordings. The American Prize was founded in 2009 and is awarded annually in many areas of the performing arts. Davidson Fine Arts 2014 production of "The Music Man" production involved over 180 student participants including actors, crew, orchestra and marketing and played to over 2000 people in our community.

The Davidson Chorale
has been selected to perform for the 2015 Georgia Music Educator’s Association Annual In-Service conference on January 30, 2015.
This peer-reviewed invitational performance will be our 6th appearance since 2004, which has to be a record.

We are proud of our 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year:
Carl Hammond-Beyer 

DFA Drama takes the Region 3AAA Title
 and will go to State level competition
November 8th
Best Actress--Toni Gentry
All Star Cast---Ellen Everitt, Ezra Anthony, and Nigel Isaac!

 DFA High School Drama wins big

at the Georgia Theater Conference in Columbus, GA!

·         Best Play - Selkie

·         Best Actress – Antonia Gentry (Elin Jean)

·         Best Supporting Actor – Nigel Isaac (Tam)

·         All-Star Cast – Ellen Everitt (Margaret)

·         Best Special Effects

Georgia Theater Conference Technical Challenge Competition:

·         First place – Light hanging – Alex Bustos

·         First place – button sewing – Maddie Moses

·         First place – sound set-up – Logan McElroy

·         First place – OVERALL!!  (The first time ever that we have won this.)

Please turn in Box Tops
Spring Deadline is February 24th!
Collection box is located in front office

Dr. Kelly invites you to use
the REMIND 101  app.
to receive communication from her. Click here for instructions:

School Transportation for DFA Students 

Under the Parent Tab above, click School Transportation for instructions on how to obtain bus information.

Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School received its national and state ranking
 by U.S. News and World Report.
Davidson is ranked #2 in Georgia's Best High schools,
 and #29th in the national ranks for magnet schools.
We were ranked in top one hundred schools
 in the Best High School category
 with our ranking at 73.
We are proud of our faculty and student body!
(Click on above graphic to view USNews and World Report or on the link to Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School to view the School information.

Raise money for PTO weekly by:

1.Georgia Natural Gas
Here is another easy way to raise funds for our school. If you are a customer of Ga Natural Gas Go to link below and sign up as a Davidson supporter. GNG will give the School $5 for every parent or teacher that signs up for their school. Sign up is simple the program will even locate your  account  number if you dont have it with you.


 2.Collect Box tops  -  collection Box is in the office
Please turn in Box Tops by Friday, October 24 to meet Fall Collection deadline. 

3. Use your shopping card at Publix

In the News

Notice of Non-Discrimination
The Richmond County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities for students.  The following persons have been designated to investigate any complaint communicated to the Board of Education alleging non-compliance of non-discrimination policies regarding student activities.